Systems and facilities offered Quer Barcelona, are the result of years of research and continuous improvement, constantly incorporating the latest technologies and applying them and installing them in all ranges of their boats.

This clear ambition to always provide customers competitive advantages has led Quer Barcelona to be worthy of maximum reliability in their systems.


Many models of ships that already come equipped with standard water installation. Again, the customer has the choice between several tanks, different capacities, have the option of installing hot water on board


The boats are perfectly designed to channel quickly the existence of water (rain, shower, hosing …) to their drains. These drains are provided with a pipe and a high flow filters to separate any impurities thus facilitating cleaning.


The electrical system is properly protected with ringed sheath, preventing corrosion, vibration absorbing and giving protection to the direct and indirect contacts. Our systems are conveniently labeled in each of the lines derived from the main to a correct identification of wiring. In each of the connection terminals have autoblocantes compounds materials which do not allow corrosion.


Deposits of our boats are manufactured in naval aluminum and installed in accordance with the special requirements defined by the shipyard: are welded and fixed to the hull by an elastomer high tenacity, but also they are placed on pads nitrile to ensure durability reducing friction. The fuel lines are copper to ensure maximum reliability and all hoses still applied in construction and CE approval DIN standards.