Product Description



Leaving the routine The ideal working tool for its reliability, robustness and lightness with a noble behavior and a brave step wave and comfortable. Its aerodynamic lines distinguish it from any professional boat for its elegance, crispness and resolution. Its safe and reliable navigation allows fishing trips even in extreme conditions. Its high bow and great manga character gives it a powerful boat. Its high freeboard provides safety and comfort to passengers, giving them great confidence. Its design allows you to reach planing speed quickly. It has a generous cockpit center console completely clear that facilitates the movement of the passage. It also includes the possibility of distributions “custom”. Its integrated platform practically flush sea makes it ideal for any type of activity. It has several large capacity chests stowed in the floor of the deck, and ten shelves glass slide side to deposit personal effects of low volume. Banks under the passenger has ample room for stowing bags, etc.. A built-in bow comfortable steps provide access from any dock. The pilot seat is ergonomically designed for professionals in different versions, including stowage possibilities and refrigerator. Our ships, due to its unique bracing system, ensures the professional a foolproof strength and durability and safety. Given its capacity, stability and speed boats are suitable for any nautical activity such as diving, fishing, passenger, parasailing, wake, etc..

Lenght with platform:
10,98 m
9,98 m
3,5 m
Hull draft with max load:
0,65 m
3,5 tn
Light weight:
1 x 310 hp
Fuel tank:
400 l
Water tank:
100 l
Maximum speed:
35 knots
Cruising speed:
30 knots
25+2 knots