Product Description


Quer 35

QUER 35 OPEN – CARBON HEART OPEN Quer 35, the most versatile boat in our range offers a flexible, stable and fast navigation. Very broad and robust displays an endless range of possibilities of use. The OPEN Quer 35 is light to the touch and nerve, offering a navigation that stands out for its agility and extreme precision, we can enjoy fast and precise turns, with changes from side to side very giddy and sporty character. The design is based on its known hull eleven meters and good “V” bow, having two transverse steps of support that allow quick plan, but above all also maintain very high performance, even with a huge load on board . Its high bow adopts a raised deck with cushioned surface to create a solarium and surrounded by side climb stairs. Outside there is spacious and well raised spaces: a generous bathtub and a spacious and uncluttered aft platform that give the boat an unrivaled, unique breadth in its length.

Plataform Length:
10,98 m
9,98 m
3,5 m
Maximum hull draft to load:
0,65 m
3,5 tn
Light weight
Carbon Honeycomb
1 x 310 hp
Fuel tank:
400 l
Water tank:
100 l
Maximum speed:
35 nudos
Cruising speed:
30 nudos
25+2 nudos
CE Germanischer Lloyd’s