Quer, the secret – MATERIALS

Have ye set with which materials are built F1? And the America’s Cup? Carbon is the material par excellence in the world of competition. And in Quer could not be different.

Barcelona quer uses carbon in the construction of their boats, laminating a honeycomb structure. These two materials together make the boat a rigid assembly which does not absorb energy, torsionally rigid and impact. Its high resistance allows us to work with less thickness, giving an extra lightness to the hull, without forgetting the very lightness of the material.

In Quer use the best polyester resins and putties, we work with the best suppliers of metal fittings, upholstery and electronic accessories, and accessories are designed in the shipyard to ensure maximum quality.

Quer Barcelona, ​​shipyard known for its high performance boats, only works with the most cutting-edge materials and higher quality