The engineering pleasure and fun in the invention are the basis for the creation of Quer Barcelona in 1992.

Its very close to the work of the sea family roots made from small, Josep Maria Quer, will enter the world of windsurfing, building their own charts and in sailing, building his sailboat, Papitu.

His passion for speed and always get new goals and / or boundaries have developed the short history of our shipyard.

Quer is basically dedicated to building fast boats, all of them has managed to overcome 25 knots, and most of them exceed 40 knots.

At this time they have won 4 world championships motor 550 class.

One of the main objectives of Will is that in the near future, its fast and strong boats return to sea communications center and was for years, especially over short distances.
Since the 60s there is no veritable evolution of shipbuilding technology or boats. Just now is the time to move forward because there are materials, engines and new techniques for doing so, reducing friction of the boats is possible and this facilitates rapid and economical travel. Quer has already begun to apply. Quer is underway. During the last International Boat Show of Barcelona 2010 Quer presented the model of his new project, the Quer 58, about 18 meters with 40 knots of power and modern, simple and clear design, a comfortable boat, easy maneuverability without complications, with a capacity of 100 seats.
With this boat and the implementation of new routes in the Mediterranean we approach quick trips away from the bureaucracy of the plane and waits at airports. Quer adopter pleasure at sea, creates vessels carrying more than one sense, parasail, whale balenas, the passage … all fast, strong and solid boats, recreational boats clean, spacious, simple and safe, in short, creates boats to enjoy the sea. Embark on our trip!