Quer Barcelona, ​​leader in building fast boats, focuses its efforts on the design of high performance helmets.

The concept of continuous improvement applied to engineering design of the boats allows us to constantly improve the efficiency of helmets. The hull has been optimized to ensure optimal boat trim, always sailing with optimal glide angle, between 4 i 6 degrees fluid.

Each element has been carefully designed and studied to the last detail: the Quer prows, super-cavitating and staggered let you pass an excellent wave conditions even with heavy seas. The steps sprayado force the water, reducing friction hull and reducing fuel consumption. The bilges allow agile, fast, accurate and sharp turns, avoiding the effect of spinout.

The Quer helmets are simply the best because we have the best team. The boats are designed and manufactured with a complex structure based on drawers and carbon reinforcements, giving maximum rigidity to the hull.

Currently the land transport stands out for its great development and implementation, while there is transport by sea much to do and discover. While the roads are full and consequently lack of reliability in arrival times of public transport, make new ideas and maritime needs to be filled. Barcelona Quer shipyard focuses much of its efforts and studies promote the development of fast and efficient transport by sea passage. With the vision of promoting regular maritime transport lines, stable, solid and organized.


Barcelona quer anticipates new trends in consumption and leisure. The shipyard focuses its manufacture in fast boats with new technologies applied and low consumption. All this with an unmatched navigation. Short sea routes are a source of business without covering or covered by large and slow boats dedicated primarily to tourism. The world, now changes fast and small boats offer a huge range of possibilities. Quer has a mission: Allow travel twice due to its speed Low power consumption due to its design and Profitability technologies on every trip. A big boat is very difficult to complete the profitable capacity on each trip.