The Quer shipyard, along more than twelve years dedicated to building professional and recreational boats, has always shown a special concern for obtaining high performance fairings.

SPEED (40 mts)

The design of the hull and technologies Quer allow these boat can reach a speed greater than 40 knots and a comfortable cruising speed of 34 knots accompanied by a stable and safe navigation. Power efficient mechanical section shipyard, studying personalized needs of our customers from their business variables. The purpose is to determine what kind of engine the customer needs to work on a system of optimal engine and this is the ideal. If we add to the high-performance hull Quer the ideal engine, we get a low fuel consumption without neglecting the speed that characterizes them.


Quer helmets are agile, highly maneuverable, stable and, above all, fast. Quick despite not needing the installation of large powers engine for high speeds. The Quer navigation is mainly characterized by optimum passage of wave and very marked and rapid compared to conventional helmets turns.


The location of the shipyard in Port de la Selva, on the northern side of Cabo de Creus area frequently subject to attacks of the Tramontana has made it innate to mark their constructive solidity. For this reason Quer Barcelona has been forced to take into account in their boats to sail in bad weather for more sailing days per year One point worth noting for security are watertight compartments scattered around the hull Quer enabled to ensure that in case of collision, the ship afloat at all times.


Able to rely on a boat when you are browsing is basic, That is why i Quer boats are designed to offer highly proven professionals and leisure users high reliability. This has been achieved by installing more pointers moment i reliable elements, eliminating all risks of unnecessary damage.


Simplicity, distribution and remarkable sleeve that allows for an amazing space. Being able to enjoy when choosing between different clearly defined areas. To give even more scope to craft, a multipurpose stern platform that allows us to get many more options installed on most models. From locate a large solarium aft allow good access to the ship or facilitate the work of water lovers.